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If a tree falls…

Tips for copying your guru or idol’s audience   Follow their followers on different social networks like instagram and twitter. You can do this manually or use something like the crowdfire app to speed this up a little. A percentage of your target audience will naturally follow you back. Facebook ads: Facebook makes it easy […]

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The super secret guide to getting more instagram followers

How I got 125 Instagram followers!!! People are always asking me, “Jacob, How did you get 125 instagram followers when you have no friends?” I am always happy to let them know that it is not true, I do have friends on facebook.Confused? Yes, 40 of my Instagram followers are facebook friends, but that leaves […]

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How To Give Up On Your Dreams

Years ago, after my mom passed, I got distracted by things like eating and putting a roof over my head. It could be an easy way to be distracted, but in my case it was also total bullshit.  The truth is I had given up on my passion for music and creativity years before. My young mind […]

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